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  • Do you offer custom engraving?
    We have the ability to engrave personal items such as watches, knives, etc. We can engrave it as long as the surface area is flat and within certain length, width, and depth constraints.
  • How do I place an order?
    To place an order, you may fill out a contact sheet on our website, send an e-mail, or stop by our location. To ensure accuracy of your order, all engraving information must be in electronic or physical writing.
  • How much does engraving cost?
    Engraving is included in the pricing (or free) of anything we supply. Prices will vary for any out-of-store items.
  • What is your normal wait time?
    Turnaround typically takes 24-48 hours for most orders. This may vary from here based on volume and availability of some or all items in your order. If you need an order earlier than this, please call, e-mail, or visit our location for more information.